Main Parallax Image Width On Mobile

My home page looks great on a laptop, iPad and iPhone (in landscape), but when I view it on iPhone in portrait, the main image at the top is not full-width. It centers the image instead of displaying full width. How can I fix this? I’ve attached screenshots.


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It’s essentially impossible to get the complete image to display perfectly on mobile as the image and the device have conflicting orientations ie. The phone is set to portrait mode and the image is landscape. As a result of that, there isn’t enough width to display the complete image without the image being too short to be displayed correctly.

Sorry about that.

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I would be fine with the image being cut off from the top and bottom, I’m more concerned about the width. But what I don’t understand is why all the other images in the other sections of the home page display the entire image just fine on a mobile device in portrait (see screenshot), but the top image does not.