Main slide translation

Hey guys. I’m using this theme with woocommerce and polylang. Ive managed to do the widgets for both languages. How can i make the slider section info available for both languages? And also the text in the main slider it’s with the main langiage. How can i make those both sections available translated in 2 languages?

Any help guys?

Hi there

Well, to be honest, i don’t have an answer :slight_smile: i have not tried this before because have not used mentioned plugin, however, i can try this in your installation, :slight_smile: please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private! Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team

Thank you very much.

The website i’m talking about it’s
User: admin
Pass: 9HzhF4u(8GAap9d9Y1

Let me know if you find something.

Hi :slight_smile:
Did you find something to help me?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi there

Sorry but no, since our theme s by default with WPML i know how to configure it with wpml but not with Polilang which i know is very good plugin, could you check their documentation? or ask their support how to manage this question? this is not about theme, this is a general question on how to use Polilang in customizer widgets, so i believe they can better serve in this case,
let me know if you need anything and sorry i was not so useful

Hey guys,

I’m back with a question. It’s kinda related with the topic. I’m talking about Front Page Sections / Slider Section Images. I want to be able to choose One image form ENGLISH version, and one for the other language. The same feature that it’s already done for Widgets / Content Widget Area #1, in that section i can choose on what language do i want to show that part. Can you please assist me?

Thank you.

Hello @axelthedon

Check if this is possible from the plugin itself, we are using WordPress customizer to work with homepage section and this is depending on the plugin you are using if your plugin since i don’t have experience with your plugin you can check it or check their documentation or ask their support