Make Carousel Slider Caption stick to Image Center

Hi Guys,

I discovered a problem with my page .

I want the whole Caption box always centered to the picture, but depending on screen resolution on different desktops it’s sometime displayed above and sometimes beneath the center.

I tried to work with position: absolute; but it didn’t work for me. (I write directly into css since this page is never going to be updated once finished). Currently caption.p. is set to height:550;.

This might have to do something with me setting the h4 title to opacity 0.0 ? (I only want the text, no title)

Please help :slight_smile:



Unite is responsive WordPress theme and and obviously it will look different on different devices based on their screen resolution.

You need to customize it by using

@media queries. For example slider caption is hidden for this theme when screen resolution gets below 767px. Here you can see code example for that:

@media (max-width: 767px) {
	.carousel-caption {
		display: none;

Instead of using 0 as opacity you could have just used this code:

.carousel-caption h4 {
    display: none;