Make changes on layout and sidebar size

I would like to know how to make changes on the layout size - how can I reduce the space between the page and the layout edge where background appears; - regading layout, I would like to know how can I increase the width size of layout where my articles are posted and also how to increase the size of the right sidebar.
I am interested that all these changes made to be visible on desktop mode, I suppose on mobile there should not be visible any difference.
I attached a picture for better understanding. It is from desktop mode view, on my laptop.
The site is
Thank you!

Calatorul Multumit

Good morning and thank you for question

I can give you come to change the menu wrapper size but you will see this will cause lot of problems on your website, not only main container but lot of other elements must be redesigned after such changes, including inner containers, featured images, headers, header images etc

try this code in appearance > customize > additional css:

.wrapper {
max-width: 1200px;

Ok, understand the risks. Thank you for the code!

Thank you too,
i will close this case but let me know if you need anything else in a new ticket