Make header image clickable to any page (not home page)

I am using different header images for different promotions on my website, and would like to make these header images clickable, so they redirect the user to a specific page (not home page). How can this done?
Appreciate your help


Sorry for late response. Just returned from vacation.

Are you sure that you are using Custom Header image and nog logo or slider? Custom header image is not clickable at all unless you followed one of many tutorials available on this forum to get it done.

Let me know your website URL and I will look into your setup to see what is going on.

Hello and thanks for response.
I was using custom header image that normally appears between menu and the logo, the one you upload from Appearance-Header-Header Image. I read various tutorials on how to make that header image clickable, but could never locate the line in header.php that was advised to be changed.
Right now I am using Cimy Header Image Rotator plugin to display clickable headers. I am happy with this plugin so far, the only thing is that I would like the header images to be positioned between the menu and the logo, and not above the slider. I tried inserting the code from the plugin in various sections on header.php, but could not achieve the desired position.
The website link is:

Thanks for help!

I am not sure which tutorials did you follow but since you tried to edit header.php instead of header-extensions.php you didn’t follow the right one.

Here is a basic steps that you should take to make header image clickable.

Custom header image by default appears right below logo and above menu, so either you have broken theme functionality by trying to edit header.php or it is Cimy Header plugin which does this but I can’t help you with this part.

Thank you! It worked, appreciate your help