Make portafolio page

I need your help, I can’t create a portfolio page like this: Projects Archive - Shapely Demo

I don’t find how to do

I hope you can help me

Thanks a lot

Hey there

May I know what exactly is your problem?


Hope so you’re doing good, yes you can make portfolio like this by adding motion effects and by working on width and padding.
Hope so this will work for you!
Bryce June

Hey there

@BryceJune I don’t think your reply make sense in this case :slight_smile:


I can’t create a page with the image from the portfolio

As I can make the blog, I don’t know how create the portfolio page

Is possible that I need to install an another plugging?

Thank you very much I appreciate your help

This is the web

Hey there

Sorry, but that page is not available, check this out, this is what I have: Screenshot by Lightshot


Hello, I attach the website again.

Do you have any paid service to get extra support from you?

What I want is to be able to make this page on my website.

I make my portfolio website for my clients, can you check it and suggest me any changes to further improve it. Thanks

Hi @mechita3000

Im sorry, but its still not working, website is not accessible (

Sorry, but no, only this support board