Make the portfolio page images fit to browser width like in the homepage

Hi, I would like my featured images in the portfolio pages to fit the width of the browser, in the same way that they do on the homepage of the demo site. Is this possible to do?

Here is an example of a portfolio page that has the style I was looking for:

Also is it possible to remove the breadcrumbs from the portfolio pages as I think it would look cleaner without them in this case?

Finally, is it possible to limit the portfolio grid so that it only shows 2 columns in each row, so that the portfolio images are larger and more impactful, like this example: Work - Blind

Thanks for any help you can give me!!

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Hi sure it’s

the part I’m referring the portfolio grid limited to 2 columns is on the following page:

For the breadcrumbs and the full width of the browser I’m referring to pages like the following:

Many thanks

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  1. on this page: i see 3 columns portfolio and page layout has sidebar added, this is the reason why its not full width, you have to disable sidebar on this page if you want more space for portfolio elements,
  2. Sorry, but i think this is not possible to change current layout of the portfolio like you want it, customization work is necessary to achieve this goal