Making anchor points in Illdy problem


I have a little problem. I want to make anchor points but nothing works. It is a static page and can’t change it to a un-static page.

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Yeah, I’d like to get the answer as well. It seems it is not possible at this point, you just have to use the existing anchors like #about, #contact-us etc. I hope I’m wrong.


First, please have a look on another thread with the same question.

You should go to Dashbboard > Appearances > Menus and add custom links.

If you need anchors, just use them at the end of the URL, otherwise use the URL for the static page

e.g: Under construction - Awesome site in the making!

It is preferable to erase the HTTP at the beginning or the www and let the broswer redirect accordingly.

Let me know if this got it fixed or there is some other issue.


I wish I could rename existing anchor points. Is it possible?

Hello @adasad,

To change the anchor name you need to go to the backend and modify the core files.

You can find the sections inside the theme folder on your FTP server > wp-content > themes > illdy > sections.

For example, to change the contact-us anchor you need to access front-page-contact-us.php file and change the hardcoded id=“contact-us” at line 23, where the section starts.

This is similar to all the other homepage sections.

Let me know if you got it right.


Thank you for your advice, however editing files didn’t work at all. After changing id=”contact-us” at line 23 and editing menu link - the “contact us” section lost its background, fonts changed position etc. Menu link doesn’t work.
I’m still trying to resolve it. It seems, there is something else left to change inside core files, just don’t know what it is, yet :slight_smile:

Additional info:
After changing “about” section id, it worked. I mean - the menu is working fine, switching to about section as it should be. BUT… centered text is not centered anymore and the fonts and the entire section look like there were no design / style assigned to it. SO, there must be some “style” etc. file or files connected to original id name.

Hello @adasad,

Can you please send me the website link?

It might be a case where the styling is based on the custom ID and if you change that the rules does not apply anymore and that’s why you get this behaviour.

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I wish I could rename existing anchor points. Is it possible?

Try to add <span id="the_custom_id"></span> in the section that needs the custom id. And add CSS to offset the span to the top of section. You can then use xxxxx#the_id_you_want as the URL to link to the section.

Hi Colorlib support, I have three “Learn More” buttons on this page: and I need them to scroll down to the three different headings (“General,” “Advanced,” and “Elite”) on the page. I am the new marketing intern at this company and I really need to make this happen.Can you please help me?
Thank you so much!