Making the header image a link

I have looked at ways to make the header image a link and they say to change some code in the Header.php but for this theme I cannot seem to find the right code to do this.
Some direction to be able to make the image an external link would be greatly appreciated.

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To achieve this you have to overwrite the travelify theme slider function travelify_featured_post_slider in the child theme and edit its code to make the image an external link.

I have attached the travelify child theme to this reply that contains travelify_featured_post_slider function in its functioins.php file so just download the theme and edit this function.

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I apologize, I am new to website creation and editing, could I get some specific instructions on what to do? I don’t want to end up screwing it up by mistake.

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You have to download the child theme zip file attached to my previous reply and install & activate it on your site as described on the following pages.

Please make sure that you have also installed the Travelify them on your site.

If you want to know information about WordPress child theme then you will get it on the following page.

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Hello! I would also like to make the featured images clickable links to open a larger, full version of the image. (I assume this is what OP was aiming for?)

I am already using a child theme and have downloaded your zip file and implemented the code in the child theme’s function.php file, but do not see a change in site functionality. Do I need different code to accomplish this? The code mentions sliders, I’m looking to change featured image functionality on posts… not sure if these two things share code or if I need something different.

To be clear, when clicking on a post’s featured image, I would like the featured image to link to the full-size version of the image (which I intend to open as an overlay using the WP Lightbox 2 plugin).


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My apologies! Re-reading the original post I can now see this is unrelated to what I am looking to do. I have reposted in a new thread here:

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