Making the height of the mobile menu list bigger


For the mobile menu, is there a way to increase the height of the container for each link listed on the drop down?


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Thank you for question,
I think this is possible with css, please provide link to your page and i will check it

Hi, I have not received a response back, but I see the same issue with another user’s mobile menu as well with this theme.
As you can see in the attachment, the header is overlapping the menu list item (circled in blue). How can this be fixed?

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I’ve responded to your ticket yesterday :slight_smile:
i need url of your website

I’ve got the same problem on my page, You have to set header over content OFF
sure the website will lost the nice menu over background photo…

well even the orginal
is screwd-up, the mobile menu is overlayed with logotype and the background is white :((((((

big dissapointment for that I hope they will fix it soon.

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Sorry about that, please check my reply in this ticket: