making the top menu overlay the homepage parralax image

Hi, Im really happy with the shapely theme, and after trying out so many different themes I really havent seen any that offer so many features and options as you do, and your documentation and tutorials are fantastic too, so thank you!

My question is about the white bar at the top of the home page. I want the navigation menu to overlay the main image of the homepage, which is currently the widget for homepage parralax image. so I do want the navigation but not the white background, for a seamless look. I dont mind if it is on the other pages, and i like that the white bar is on the mobile version because it makes it clearer, so mainly im just focused on the landing front page. Could you please explain how to do that, and I should mention I do not have experience with css so it would be helpful to explain where exactly to add the code, thanks.
(my website is

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As it stands this would be an advanced customization because the menu is nested inside the white are however we can change the color of that area if you would like and let me know of another option that would work for you.

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Thank you for the fast response and explanation. Let me ask you, if I had a colour or image for the general background, and that navigation area was made transparent, would whatever is set for the background show through? I would like to try that, but If the answer is no, then I would definitely appreciate learning how to change the colour itself to black. (and I suppose I would then need to change the text colour of the menu to white so it shows too?)
Thank you!

I would like to do the same thing as well. I understand CSS and html and would like to know the advanced technique for making this change. Surely this isn’t the first request for this.