Map marker problems


On my site the map marker doesnt display on any of my browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox) It is just grey. The weird part is that as soon as i resize the window the map appears properly.

I checked with other themes and it works properly on other themes.

Anyone have any idea?

Try to replace code inside main.min.js which is located in theme folder - inc - js, with this one and let me know if it helps.

jQuery(document.body).hide();jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(".comment-reply-link").addClass("btn btn-primary");jQuery("#submit").addClass("btn btn-primary");jQuery(".wpcf7-submit").addClass("btn btn-primary");jQuery(".wp-caption").addClass("thumbnail");jQuery(".widget_rss ul").addClass("media-list");jQuery(".postform").addClass("form-control");jQuery("table#wp-calendar").addClass("table table-striped");jQuery(document.body).show()})

Cool, that worked like a charm. Thanks alot!
May i ask how that change was causing the problem and how you knew? :slight_smile:

At first I thought that this has nothing to do with my theme (that’s why I didn’t respond at first) but then someone was complaining about responsive Adsense ads not showing up the same way you described with maps.
Since there is only one custom JavaScript file for this theme there were not much to think about. Just disabled it and checked if it is working and of course it did.