Max image size for Gallery - Thumber

What is the maximum image size for an image used in the gallery navigation? For example, in the downloaded template Thumber, the file “img_1.jpg” is 1000 x 1500. In the photos.html page, when I click on the image, I see a thumbnail appear in the far right (see included image). However, if the image is larger, e.g. 1800 x 1200, the thumbnail is blank. I would like to use a larger image, if possible.

Hi there

Let me see the problem, please provide direct link and I will check why its blank

Sure. Sorry for the delay; took me some time to get the site up. It is at

Hi there

Your images have bad naming, please correct it, make sure you don’t have blank spaces in the names, check this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

Thanks - that was the problem!

You re welcome :slight_smile:

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