MEGA Issues! Jumbotron image / Changes not staying / Can't edit contact info

Hi! I’m starting a second ticket as I didn’t properly tag the first as a support issue, and also because I am having a LOT of issues with this theme.

First, the Jumbotron: So I downloaded and tested an older version of the Illdy theme in which I had no problem changing the jumbotron image. Installed the theme on my site and got a notification that an update was available, so installed it… and now I can’t seem to change the jumbotron image.

There is no option to use featured image, so that doesn’t need to be turned off, and at the bottom of the edit section, there ARE Color and Background tabs, but nothing is loading below them (See first image).

And actually, the color and background tabs don’t work in ANY section at all. NONE. Just as in the first image.

I also can’t seem to edit the contact information, nor do I have the option to turn the section off (see second image). This is particularly troublesome, as Wordpress crashed on me a few hours ago and decided to publish my site when it was NOT finished, so now my business page has random incorrect contact info on it. Really not great.

Any help here would be super appreciated, thanks!


Changes are not saving. I removed the percentage bars in the Services section but they are still displaying on my page (where they make NO sense).

Title in Testimonial section is not displaying.

What is going on with this theme?

Hello there,

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This could be a PHP version issue, please check to see if you are using PHP version 7.0.

Please use the following plugin can check the PHP version:

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Running 7.0.33

Any other ideas?

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In this case, could you try deactivating third-party plugins you may have in place and check whether the issue is resolved. Also if you could be having a cache plugin in place, please have it deactivated as well.

Please keep us posted on the outcome to this.
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