Membership questions

Hello. I found a bootstrap 4 template that I wish to use. I want to take the colorlib copywrite off the pages.

It looks like buying the $19 membership will allow me to do this. It is a recurring fee. Is that for a different template each year or do I have to pay $19 per year to continue to use this 1 template?

Also if I buy the more expensive memberships can I pay for it on a monthly basis?


Hi there

There is a page in our website with answers on your questions, please take a look:

Subsciption is up to you, you can buy license and remove the footer credit,
let me know if you still have a questions :slight_smile:

I have seen the license page. When you go to purchase the $19 for 1 template this is what comes up.

Why does it say it will renew annually?


Yes, by default you are purchasing one-year membership, but later you can cancel it


But im not paying a yearly fee for the template i would by this year correct?


Yes, it is :slight_smile: you are right