Menu andJumbotron link doesn't work

Hello, I tried many recommendations about the menu links but cannot make it work.
The menu (neither mobile nor desktop) and Jumbotron links don’t work. Could you help me?
I already deactivated all plugins, and eliminate CSS and PHP but it still doesn’t work.


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Hey there

You need to resolve this error on your website first: Screenshot by Lightshot its 404 error, which means those files are not loading from the server, get in touch with your hosting support about this


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Hello, the hosting CS said that it’s not a problem with the hosting, it’s a problem with the template Programmation. The files are in their folders and the hosting service runs correctly offering other contents. They tried to back-up a prior version of PHP in the case it was that but it wasn’t. So they cannot resolve that issue
Could you help me, please?

thank you

Hi there

Ok, in this case, can you please reinstall the theme? delete it and install again, it should help


Hello, how can I do it?
will all content be deleted if I delete the theme?



No, the content will be the same, you just need to reinstall the theme

P.s. Backup is always good idea :slight_smile: