Menu Disappeared and Cant Get it back.

Somehow, I changed something with the menu trying to get rid of the Navagation tab and the menu disappeared. I created a new one and it won’t show. Help. I was so close to being done.

You just had to add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS or inside Child Theme style.css

.default-menu {
    display: none;

I have no idea where and how you were trying to make these changes, so it is impossible to help you solve your problem. I can further investigate it but it out of scope of free support.

If you know which file you changes, then just replace it with original one from theme installation.

I did not change any code, just unchecked a couple of boxes. Then after it disappeared, I went back and rechecked them. Would a reinstall be the way to go?

It is not possible to hide/delete menu via Theme Options or via WordPress default functionality. Make sure you have menu created and selected in WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Menus.

I have done that. Just when I was getting the site to look how I wanted it. No coding was changed, only checkboxes in the theme options. I even tried deleting the theme and reinstalling it. It still won’t show the menu.


Something doesn’t sound right. Could you please post your website URL for further investigation?