Menu "hamburger" icon not working on iPad (Shapely 1.2.2)

I’ve been working with the Shapely theme for a week now and just discovered that the menu icon doesn’t work correctly on an iPad. Neither in Safari or Firefox. It works fine on an iPhone 5, and every other platform/browser I have to test with.

Even the Shapely demo on your website shows the problem. In landscape mode, iPad shows the menu items as text links, and these work as expected. But in portrait mode, the text-based menu links are replaced by the menu icon, and nothing happens when you press the icon.

Please help!

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Are you sure we have the same problem on our demo? it was never reported before and im sure if the menu really have this problem it would not have stayed uncovered
In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

I have an old iPad running iOS 9.3.5 Safari 601.1 and Firefox 8.3 (5826), and the menu does not work correctly as I described in my original post. This is when visiting your Shapely demo website at

My website exhibits the same problem, and I don’t care to publicly share my website right now.

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The iPad iOS version seems outdated,please update it to the current version which should be version:

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The original iPads released between 2010 and 2012 are limited to iOS 9.3.5. There are a lot of these still out in the world.

Is this simply an issue that you are not recognizing the user agent that the old iPads are reporting?

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There are big chances that devices produced in 8 years ago will have a problem with the today’s web technologies, not only with the hamburger menu but with other parts of the site functionality

Not big chances. This is a reality. The question is if your theme is willing support the older devices. I doubt it is a browser or OS related limitation.

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Im sorry to say but supporting such devices I think it’s not possible, of course, we want to support them but its not always possible to make old devices compatible with today’s web technology, how I said even if you make hamburger menu compatible you will find something new that is incompatible and at the end it really does not makes sense to deal with it

Sigh. My 8 year old iPad works perfectly fine on thousands of web sites. Just not yours.

@jdupre im not saying it will not work with other websites, its hard to support such old devices, very soon even browsers will discontinue supporting old devices and this will be a not only IOS devices but range of other devices as well, as i said we want to support all these devices but that’s not always possible and not makes any sense,
Hoppe we understand each others :slight_smile:
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