Menu hover to control slider

First off all I would like to say I’m very pleased with the travelify theme! For me it’s absolutely a great base to create my site.

For my site I’ve used pages which are displayed in the homepage slider. Is it possible to link hovering over the main menu buttons (links to the pages) to changing the slider picture (to the corresponding picture)?

I hope you guys understand my question, otherwise please let me know.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with this theme and it would be very difficult to even theoretically create something that would function like this. There might be some workaround like integrating menu in slider and use menu items as control buttons or something like.

Ok, that’s a shame but I do have another question about the slider which maybe you can answer as well…

How can I change the slider pagers to display the image of the slide? I can change them (the pagers) using CSS but I have no idea how to add a variable background-image (though I don’t think this would work, I don’t know javascript so…). I hope you can help me out.

Thank you!