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Hi Everyone,

It’s my first time working on a wordpress site, so my apologies if my question sounds daft.

Firstly, many thanks for the wonderful theme.

I’ve successfully installed the Illdy theme and have put in my required content.
However, I’m stuck with the menus.
I’ve added one menu which is the main one at the top of the screen, but have no clue how to link each item so it scrolls to the appropriate part of the page. For example, “About” - I have no clue how to configure it to scroll to the About section when clicked.

Would really appreciate some help on this, pls.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hello @bizres,

Please have a look in this thread.

You need to add custom links with the section anchor ID

Let me know if you got it right

How do you find the anchor points for the different sections?

Thank you and I really enjoy this theme!

Nevermind I’m a knucklehead lol. So for those that may ask this, in the custom link item option you simply # before the section you would like it to jump to.

Ex - About
#about in the url
About in the description


Hi guys!

New as well for Wordpress and I also have a problem with the navigation bar.

I have tried to put only “#Projects” into the custom link. This didn’t load anything. Then tried only with http, it refreshed, and that’s it. Same for www. UPDATE: Now I have solved this problem (I should stop using capital letters)

Still have a problem with the site refreshing every time I click on the navigation.

Any solution?

(Yes, looks kinda empty, because I’m still uploading data, and this is also a beta version for my new portfolio)
I’m using Illdy 1.0.15 and Wordpress 4.5

Hello @itsjustfanni

Try using only #projects in the Custom URL

I suspect the page reloads because of how the development link is working (wordpress at the end not in front of the URL)

Once you’ll go live with the website this issue will get resolved.


Hola a todos,
Nuevo en wp, verán construyo una web personal del tema illdy y la verdad que un gran tema, pero estoy atorado y no se como resolverlo, agradezco de antemano su tiempo. esta es la web, y mi problema es que quiero replicar mi pagina inicial y convertirla en una seccion, en especial me interesa que conserve la cabecera y parte de proyectos (lo demas lo quitaria), pues ahi quiero agregar una seccion de pasteles infantiles. Pero cada vez que lo intento, o duplico mi pagina en el menu de wp, al querer editar lo hace sobre mi principal, o solo me deja trabajar sobre la plantilla de blog, como puedo resolverlo?


Hola @spartano07

I’m sorry, but we know only English :frowning: please provide very small description of your problem, link to your website and screenshot of the problem, sorry :frowning:

Hello everyone,
New in wp, you will see I build a personal web of the illdy theme and the truth is a great subject, but I am stuck and I do not know how to solve it, I thank you in advance for your time. this is the web, and my problem is that I want to replicate my home page and turn it into a section, especially I’m interested in keeping the header and part of about and projects (the other thing would be), because there I want to add a section of children’s cakes. But every time I try, or double my page in the wp menu, when I want to edit it does it on my main one, or just let me work on the blog template, how can I solve it?


Hi there

Thank you :slight_smile:

want to replicate my home page and turn it into a section, especially I’m interested in keeping the header and part of about and projects

Can you give me a more info about this? sorry but not clearly understand your goal :frowning: