Menu icon on mobile/iPhone

Hi team,

Firstly, thank you ever so much for such a fantastic looking theme, I Love everything about it!

The only issue I have with the site os the positioning of the menu on my mobile, where the header image seems to push the menu icon up. (Image attached)

Is it possible to alter a part of the code so the menu icon is in line with the header image? If yes, what section of code should I be looking for?

Many thanks


You have added logo which is too big. You have a square logo and then there is a large black are on the right. You absolutely don’t need it. Theme does have recommended logo size but you can use any image size and that square would do just fine.

Its the same even with no logo uploaded and the original theme text in place. The menu icon pushed the header text below the black background.

I’ve just worked it out. I changed the header dimensions to be 76x76 and it has worked with my iPhone.

Thank you for the reply Aigars.