menu is not showing on mobile devices

Hi everyone!

My menu is not showing on my mobile (iphone) , i can see it on my iPad and computer but it’s not working on my iPhone.

My web is

thank you in advance,

Hi @cocoflamenco,

I checked now and it’s working now.

Did you solve it in meantime no?



Hi Cristian,

I did’nt do nothing. I don’t know why now it’s working. It’s working on home page, but it doesn’t work on a normal page.
I put you 2 screens captures from my phone.

thank you

Hi @cocoflamenco,

I checked and on all the pages the menu is working.

See attached,



Try this css code in the appearance > customize additionall css:

.nav-open .navbar-collapse, .nav-open #menu {
display: block !important;

Thank you very much. It works perfectly.
But now the menu on desktop is showing like on mobile.
you can see it by the link



Ok, in this case replace it with this code:

@media (max-width: 991px) {
.nav-open .navbar-collapse, .nav-open #menu {
display: block !important;

thanks for your quick answer.
i’ve tried this code but nothing changed.

Hi there

Well, you have a different menu structure than the author of the ticket, it should be displayed like that,
Can you please remove the code? may I know what exactly is your goal?

Am the author of the ticket. The menu was not showing on mobile and you send me a code to solve it. Then after solving it the menu on Desktop start showing like on the mobile. I tried to solve it but my self but am not seeing were the bug come from.
You can visit the website to see that on desktop we don’t have a desktop menu.

Thank you


Well, again, you are not the author of the ticket but let’s forget it, please remove all my codes and let me see it again

i’ve removed all and it’s the same.


Ok, as we can see on the removed code you have the Mobile menu visible on the desktop as well, but in past, you said it appeared after you added the code.
So, my question is, what is your exact problem for now?

Thank for your answer. The problem now is i would like to have a normal menu on desktop and mobile menu for the menu. For now am ok with the mobile menu. The problem is on the desktop one.

Thanks you


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