Menu items disappear when hover over at the edge of slider image underneath

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this is strange problem I just discovered after activating slider. Now when I hover over menu items, the second tier, the menu items suddenly disappears when the pointer is at the lower edge of slider image underneath the menu article. I will link my site as private reply so you can see how it goes.

Here is my site:

As you can see the second tier menu vanishes when you try to hover somewhere between the Patsa clinic or Absolute Health and Balavi article items in the menu. At normal screen it happens to be around the lower edge of the slider/header image that seems to somehow trigger that bizarre behaviour.

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Kauno, is this problem already fixed?
i cant see the problem you explained in the question, everything is working just fine for me

Hi, thanks for the reply, but the problem still persists. Try going to Thailand and Laos under countries menu and from there try to choose the ones I mentioned. It collapses once you reach those unless you “jump” very quickly(move very quickly) over the edge of the slider image to the last menu item in the list. It happens only in the “homepage” when the slider is there, but once you choose some page/post to go to, the menu works again normally.

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Please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict with the menu also go to Appearance > Updates and ensure that you install all the pending updates available there.

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How can I make sure my site (childtheme) won’t break if I update the parent theme? Is till use the 2.2.2 version as it seems to work fine apart from this problem and when I once earlier tried to update it broke my site, so I had to reverse to the older one.

I managed to update so that the menu works now, but I still have to figure out how to make functioning child theme. But so far the latest update 2.4.4 works ok.

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Meaning of th child theme is that it will not break your website if you update parent theme, this should not happen :slight_smile:
have you tried it?