Menu links does not work anymore

Hi, Thanks for the great template! The menu links on my website (Desktop and mobile) used to work fine, but I just discovered they don’t work anymore. My website is I checked all my settings and even watch your instruction video again about this topic, but alle settings are the same as how you say it should be… What could be the reason that it does not work anymore? And how can I fix it? Thanks a lot for your help!! Best, Astrid

Hi there

Sorry, its a known issue, this problem was already reported, it will be fixed in by the theme update

ok, thanks! When approximately do you think this new update will be done? Thanks a lot!



Sorry, I cant say any date, unfortunately :frowning:


Really looking forward to have the update…

Even the menu of the demo Illdy - Free One Page WordPress Business Theme - Colorlib isn’t working correctly…

Thanks in advance

Hi Adil

Sorry for the delay, it will be updated soon