Menu Links Problem - top menu item is not clickable

Hi. I am having strange issue with my site.
If I add just one page/link on my site it seems to work fine, but if it’s a dropdown menu, the dropdown works fine also except the first link, which starts to show as:

You can check circles in attached picture also. The dropdown items work fine though

I’m having the same issue - which also results in the drop down menus not working on mobile phones. Really need this sorted. I’ve tried recerating pages but I still get the same thing
I want

It’s just not happening. I don’t understand what’s wrong.


I also have issues with dropdown menu since an update to wp 4.2.2 + sparkling 1.8.3.

The dropdown menu doesn’t work anymore.

my website is but I’m going to downgrade.

I tried to downgrade and i always have the same issue.

The url website is

I realy need some help.

Hey guys, my problem was resolved. I uninstalled all my pluggins, one at a time only. Checked the site each time I uninstalled, one, then reinstalled the pluggin if it showed no difference to the site. Turned out bootstrap jetpack pluggin was causing the problem. It’s uninstalled and deleted. Site works well on desktop and mobile devices.


Following the previous post,I de-activated (not unistalled) “Easy Bootstrap Shortcode” version 4.4.0 and my dropdown came back.

It’s not a jetpack module. So, I don’t know if sparkling could have an issue with all the bootstrap plugins.


That’s expected behavior with this theme because it is based on Bootstrap frontend framework which does have this style dropdown by default.

@creativeunited, @thx1139

Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin works perfectly fine with this theme but you need to configure it properly. Please see information at the end of Sparkling theme documentation.