Menu on frontpage to the page sections with # not working

I updated the Illdy theme yesterday to 2.1.9, and the illdy Companionplugin to 2.1.3

I ecperience some problems

  1. On the front page the menu links with # not working, while on other pages workoing properly
  2. Same issue on mobile, links to sections in menu on one-page not working
  3. By going on costumizer i cant edit widgets as i did on earlier version. Now i can only access those by widgets on WP
    3, When i make a link by category, on header i see “Category: categorie-name” How can i remove the word category on header?
  4. i read about an update 2.2.0 on github. My site runs as a child theme of Illdy. How can i update it? is there a good tutorial for starters?

here is the link to my page:

thanks in advance,

Hi Bilge

Please kindly downgrade it to the previous version when those things were working because this version yet doesn’t have fixes for your problem



Well, if it was working before the update then it will work exactly the same way

Thank you for the suggestion.
The reason i upgraded to Illdy 2.1.9 because some bugs were fixed here. (in WP you can only upgrade to Illdy theme 2.1.9, Illdy companion plugin up to 2.1.3)

For now i use a temporary solution by not redirecting menu items to the frontpage sections by using #sections. also the # sections not using on frontpage buttons. From otherpages #section works.

I still experience some issues with editing widgets. The Illdy counter widget is not counting for example.

I will wait untill next official update on WP then.

Ok, thank you for understanding

Hi don’t worry I can understand your frustration, But please downgrade to the previous version because this version has some bugs. Soon they will be resolved. I hope you got it.


Hi there

At this moment I’m going to close this case here, feel free to start a new discission