Menu - sub menu

Dear colorlib team

I am using the shapely theme for, but when I open the portfolio page and hover over the menu, the sub points are shown behind the photographs on the page. Thus, the menu is not really working there. Could you please help me with this?



HI @ideatracker,

I see now where is the problem with the sub menu.

Copy and paste this code into your Additional Css option from Appeareance> Customize > Aditional Css:

.main-navigation ul ul li:hover > ul, .main-navigation ul ul li.focus > ul {
    left: 0;



Thank you! But the problem is still there. It’s when you are on the portfolio page and hover over the portfolio menu point, then the Sub menu is displayed behind the image slider on the portfolio page.

Hi @ideatracker,

Can you show us the page that has this issue, I tried all the pages under portfolio and all looks just fine for me:


Let us know,