Menus not showing in sections

Website link: . Menus are not showing in section. At navigation bar, default menus are showing and i also want to change it but don’t know. I have added any menus and don’t know from where these default menus are showing.

Please help.

The default (=demo) menus will only show if you are logged in to your wordpress and if you have not yet replaced them.

If you choose design -> customize -> menus, you will be able to a) create a new menu, b) select it as primary menu and c) add entries. If you then choose to save and publish, it will be visible for everone.


Like already stated, it seems like the #2 issue from FAQ:

If you are missing any kind of information from the live website it means that you need to change it with new custom info.

The menus can be found in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and there’s a bottom option to select it as the Primary Menu.

Let us know if you got everything alright.