Menus with anchor points

First of all I would like you to thank you for the great theme. I am facing issues with menu buttons. When I click on it, its not taking me to that particular section like About, Projects, Contact etc.

My website is

I read different problems from the forum and try to resolve but didn’t work for me.
Please suggest me how can I fix it. I used same tags in custom link like; #about #contact-us #latest-news #projects #services #testimonials

Please assist me with the solution as soon as possible. @mcreidy

Hi there

Sorry about that, right now I see only a coming soon page on your website, can you please deactivate it temporarily?

I am sorry for that. Please check now.

Hey there

Yes, I see, it was resolved in the updated version, please try latest version of the theme from our repository:


It worked. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your help.

Qammar Altaf
Al-Jabbar Group

Thank you too and have a good week :slight_smile: