Missing font file in Cardoor asset folder

Hello, I am using the Cardoor template to build the front-end of my django webapp. There seems to be a missing file thats causing an error.
On line 315 of gijgo.css

src: url('../fonts/gijgo-material.ttf?99ykm1') format('truetype'), url('../fonts/gijgo-material.woff?99ykm1') format('woff'), url('../fonts/gijgo-material.svg?99ykm1#gijgo-material') format('svg');

there is a reference to a font file that doesn’t exist. which is why i’m getting the following error:
" The CSS file ‘assets/css/plugins/gijgo.css’ references a file which could not be found:

Please check the URL references in this CSS file, particularly any
relative paths which might be pointing to the wrong location.
Please, helping me with this issue will be immensely appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Hi there

I can’t see any missing file on the frontend of the website: Cardoor - Car Rental HTML Template

Can you please tell me where you see it? give me a screenshot

The missing file is in the assets folder i downloaded, not to worry, i’ve searched for it on the internet and downloaded it.

Cool, nice to know :slight_smile: