Missing h3s from front page sections

The h3s on the front page sections are disappearing on me. They are visible in the customizer. And If you open the page after working in the customizer, the h3s are there. But they are missing if you go to a private or incognito window, or are not logged into WordPress. This is true of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The html is just gone from the source code.

I’m creating a child theme, but the h3s are gone even if I switch to the Illdy parent theme as well. I’ve tried turning off all the plugins but that didn’t help. Caches are cleared. I reverted to WordPress 6.2, but that didn’t work either.

The page in question is The Pond Nerds – We Create Amazing Water Features.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey there

Sorry about that, can you please tell me where should I look to check them? any reference?


Panel if you’re logged into WordPress, showing the h3 “Services.” Showing the customizer:

Panel when not logged into WordPress:

But this happens on all the panels on this home page - except for the jumbotron which is fine.

Hey there

Can you please provide admin details in DM for investigation?


Just checking in that you got the admin details in a DM.