Missing options or doesnt work - project, testimonials, service and contact form

Thank you for your illdy template, really good job.
I have few questions for you and I hope u can help me.

  1. After update there is some problems with sections, “project section” and “testimonials” are not working ( i have active jetpack plugin )

  2. Service section - can’t change title ( Illdy Companion is instaled )

  3. How can I change the color of contact form ( inside, name, email, subject ) your code in FAQ page is working only with backgroudn and text box.

Thank you for your help

New theme update with fixes of all recent issues is available for download!

thank you so much :slight_smile:

All is ok but still can’t change service title.

Hello @forber,

Please excuse the inconvenience as it seems like the services title skipped to be re-added in the newest theme update. We are just addressing the issue via a theme update and everything should be running alright from top to end.

Kind regards

I have the latest update and my Projects section images are gone. Says I must have Jetpack installed but I have it installed and functioning.

@pdbystrom Photos u doont add in project secion, go to widgets and there you can do it

Thank you forber I see those in the widgets section and I attempted to resave them but they’re still not appearing.

maybe you need to add them again, or on each picture u have advance option button, click it and there is an option show/dont show or sth like that ( Idont have English wersion so i dont know name for sure ), put it on “dont show” mode.

I did those and it’s still not working

Hi @Ion i have installed the latest version of Illdy theme, but still have a problems.

  1. Contact us section - I am missing “entry box” so I cannot remove the text which is bellow “Contact us”. I mean this one: And we will get in touch as soon as possible.

  2. I cannot rename “Services Section” title. I saw someone had the same problem here, but still not solved after last update.

  3. How can I change button colours. I was able to change colours of dots and button in header but I need to change that yellow colour at the blog section (front page) either.

Thank you very much

Zuzi for your third question, you can’t change the theme colors unless you have purchased the premium theme. You’ll have to perform some CSS manipulation. There are also so many threads on this forum that ask the same question that have solutions you could use. Remember to use the search bar before posting questions.

thx @pdbystrom!

@zuzi, let us know if you found the valuable information about the button colors.

As for the missing fields, indeed services missed the fixing update, but there is another one available that will take care of that, as well.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thank you for this theme, it’s really awesome.
But some customizer options are gone since the 1.0.33 version: I can’t change the pictures in the project section, or change the values of the about percentage bars… Can you help me ?

Hello @luks,

It seems like you are missing some setups…

Please make sure that you have Illdy companion required plugin activated, as well as JetPack > Settings > Writing > Custom Post types.

It should fix the issue, let me know otherwise.

Kind regards

Thank you for your quick reply!

I spend a lot of time reading this support forum, all my setups seems okay…

Hello @luks,

Can you please get your issue to [email protected] with temporary admin dashboard access so I can have a live investigation and fix this issue directly?

Sorry for the trouble so far!