Missing style.css

We purchased Montana template but it gives error during installation: Template cannot be installed because of lack of style.css file

Hey there

Most likely, you are attempting to install an HTML template into WordPress. However, this approach will not be successful. Please double-check your actions.


Why not give a link to an actual solution? This response is not constructive and poor customer service

Hey there.

@felipeguarded im sorry but there is no link to any solution in this case, when you install HTML template into WordPress it will not work for sure, so, be aware of that.


Can you help on the steps to take on installing the theme onto a Wordpress

Hello @kennyadekola

I’m sorry, but it’s not a WordPress theme, so you can’t install it in WordPress. It’s an HTML template and can be installed directly into the hosting without using WordPress. If you want to use it as a theme, you’ll need to first convert it into a WordPress theme before installing it.