missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

please help me with this issue i have purchase fashi theme i cant install it on shopify

i get error which is zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

Hey there

Can you show me template files you re-uploading in the Shopify? please shear the screenshot of the folder,
if im not wrong you are uploading nor right folder, so please check it once agian


eventhough i have extract files and then zip fashi file still not accepting

Hi there

Its an HTML template, you cant install it in any content management system like Shopify or WordPress, it’s not possible


oh my god so what can i do with this usles thing why u dont devided ur stupid theme in catogries so everyone can choose what to buy… am really pissed off

no support at all been 3 months since i paid ur 99$ which u been very happy to recived … but when its time to support nobody show

i want to refund coz it usless and i dont ned that …

Hi there

Well, first of all, you did not purchase any item since we are not selling a product, we just sell right to remove footer credit from the theme, in this case, you have rights to use all of our templates for free and remove footer credits from them
Secondly HTML templates are listed in the templates category :slight_smile:
Lastly, you can use the contact page for refund or any other similar questions