Missing words on sections


my website is www.kanguruid.com. I face a little problem regarding the layouts of my website.

  1. On the “About” section, missing the word “About Us” (the header).
  2. On the “Contact” section, missing the word “Address” and the line.

These 2 problems don’t occur on my “Customize” page, and only occur when I log out from dashboard and reload my site. (It also missing in the mobile page)

Thank you.

Hello @winnerjames,

Please have a look in the common issues at #3.

You need to change all the default information that do not appear on the website with new custom content and everything will be working alright.


Thank you! Problem solved!

have added my own content/widgets and the section header still doesn’t show…

works on latest news only and like above, the "Address:, and “Customer Support” words disappear on contacts table.

Works all fine logged into WP…

//second issue, and I find a relevant thread is logo resolution… MAny threads, not any solution… the little plugin doesn’t help. Works fine, same image, in footer copyright image.

link to site, set as private: http://insanevehicles.com/

scrap that, just have to change the header word, in customise, then change it back and it works…

a silly behaviour really…

Hi @borngeek,

So at the end did you solved it?