Mobile menu broken?

Hi noda.
The video has gone with flushing the files on the ftp, but i will upload a new one this evening. Please be patient! I will write a notice here.

Meanwhile, some observation i have done:

  • it happens only on the start page, not the blog/article/category pages. So when i click on an article which is loading then, the menu is okay.

  • maybe it has something to do with the background image i have placed on the background of the start page (size?)

  • your proposal of using another menu plugin: how can i remove the standard menu and replace by third party?


  1. third party plugin will do all these things try this: Max Mega Menu – WordPress plugin |

Hi, here is the video:

Hi Ishte

honestly, i can’t replicate this on my side, this is the first time i see something like this
can you try one thing, just for a moment, change your homepage and set one blank page as a homepage, then try again and let me know results

done, now blank page is homepage. For my device, it is still not working

I now additionally removed all site-content and after-content widgets. it looks better now, but not sure 100%

It seems to be that the category widgets start the problem.
I want to have something like this on my start page:


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

You would have to edit the widgets to be displayed like that via Appearance > Widgets, then assign the widgets that you want to have displayed. Another option, is to use a third party page builder plugin.

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I have used the newspaper x posts c widgets to display the categories like i wanted them to be.
But that was always the starting point of the mobile menu problem…

Another issue: when you look at my page now, you see two posts on the starting page.
When i open the page on my mobile, i can’t navigate through the first post “TEST HOCKEYNACHWUCHS” because the buttons are inaccessible, it seems not to be responsive. On desktop, i can click the categorie or title no problem.

Hello there,

Please go to Dashboard > Updates and ensure that the theme and all the updates are current. Also, please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict in the theme’s menu.

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The problem has been solved with using third party category widget (newspaper-x post widget causes the problem).


Woooww :slight_smile: that was really unexpected and im feel happy we could find a solution
thanks for sharing it
feel free to open new ticket