Mobile menu broken?

on my site I use the Newspaper x theme.
When I open the page on a mobile device, the menu changes to a drop-down menu as desired.
However, there is a behavior that hides itself immediately when scrolling down. Sometimes it takes several attempts or you can’t choose anything. Is this behaviour known and is there a solution?
Thanks, ischte

Hi there

Thank you for a question
that happens because you are using # in the menus, try to use actual link to the menu

Thanks for your quick response, but unfortunately it does not work for me.
I remove all “#” from the links, now they have no entry (individual link in menu), but it is still the same behaviour.
(The empty links will be removed and replaced by site or category link in the future).
What can i do to make it work and/or to make the menu appear without functionality (for testing)?
Thank you

You should add actual links in the items, :slight_smile:
if there is nothing to add right now then remove such menu elements, but if you still want to leave them temporary you will have this behavior

Sorry, but still no! :frowning:
There are URL links in every menu item, but the menu still disappears when strolling. And now there are “ugly” red lines between and above…


First of all, unused menu elements should be removed, there is a chance that some of them is generating this problem? so, we should exclude them, that’s why im asking to do this, even without this they don’t makes any seance if they are not linked to anything

Hello again,

sorry but the content of the menus and/or the type of menu is not the problem.
I removed all but three, changed the type of menu and tried some combinations.
It is always the same, the menu disappears when scrolling down in mobile mode.
I also deactived all used and installed plugins in wordpress, but this behavior is there also, so it must be the theme itself.

(Btw, i need to put some menu links with “#” or as indivdual links with an url for having no function when using submenus.)


Ok, looks like i need a better understand your problem, maybe i see something else, for me, menu works normally right now when i click menu items im redirect to the pages they belong, what else should we expect?

I try to describe the problem:
In desktop mode, the menu is working fine.
But when i use a mobile device (e.g. samsung galaxy s9 with chrome or edge browser or ipad) the menu changes to mobile menu with the “=” symbol. So far so good.
Now when i click the menu “=” icon, the menu opens from top in direction bottom. good.
(When the menu is longer, the page is filled with the menu and you have to scroll down the page to read and reach all menu items.)
Now the bad behavior comes into the game: when you scroll down the menu is gone and the page seems to be refreshed. So it is not possible to use the menu in mobile mode.

I will expand the menu today in the evening, but you can still see the effect now with only 3 entries.

So now i haved added the menu items again, so it is easy to see the problem when opening the menu on a mobile device and scrolling down the menu… (it works fine on desktop pc, please use mobile browser)

Hello there,

I have tested the website on a smartphone but the menu links appear to work properly.

Best Regards,

HI ishte

IM sorry to say but menu works normally for me, i tried it on Lenovo mobile and menu works absolutely normally for me, yes this is long menu where you need to scroll down but everything is working good for me, :frowning:

Thank you for your support so far, this is good news in a way.
For me it is not okay, when i open the menu on my samsung galaxy s9 (in edge and chrome both the same) then the menu shows the list and yes, you have to scroll. but when i start to scroll down the page suddenly reloads (is seems so i don’t know if it is really reloading) and the menu disappears. So i cant read and reach the menu items.

I will take a deeper look into that and test some other devices.
I will post some new information later on next week.


That’s what i wanted to say, please check it on other devices as well and let me know what results

Hello Noda, Hello support,

i’ve tested it on several device, the problem is there. I wonder that you cant reproduce it. I have tested it on several devices and os versions.

I have uploaded a video showing the problem (the mobile menu disappears when scrolling down):

Hope this helps.

I removed the customized settings, deleted the complete theme folder “newspaper x” from ftp server.
Then i reinstalled the theme from wordpress library, the result is the same.
To the bug is in the template. When i user another theme e.g. “customizr” the menu works on mobile :frowning:

So finally, it is solved.
I removed all files from ftp and deleted the database. Created a new database and installed wordpress, theme, plugins etc… (all the same and same settings as before).
The weird thing is that i even used my old styles.css file. But now the menu works.
Maybe there was a fault somewhere in the db…

f**k mobile menu broke again after adding sites and articles. any idea?

It seems to happen when i scroll down the page in the mobile menu and release my finger. when it put another finger on the screen and scroll down without releasing the first finger it stays on the screen. but so i cant choose a menu item

Hi Ishte

Sorry about that,
Can you check a link to the video? I’m curious to see it
im not sure in your problem, you are first who is porting this problem, by the way, what about third-party menu plugin? WordPress has great free menu plugins you can try