Mobile Menu does't work anymore

Hi, I’m using ColorLib Illdy Theme Version : 2.1.1 on last WordPress version 5.8.2. Site includes FancyBox extension v3.3.3. See
When using on Mobile, Hamburger Menu icon mouse-over works but no menu is appearing when clicking on it.
It appears also that, if I upgrade theme ColorLib to the latest version 2.1.9., all look & feel has to be rebuild from scratch
Can someone advise how to fix it, keeping V 2.1.1 Illdy theme ? Thank you

Hi there

This is a known problem, please try to use this plugin to solve the problem


Thank you but… what plugin are your refering to? Is it the one mentionned in this post: SOLUTION for MOBILE MENU NOT WORKING ?
Thank you for your confirmation :slight_smile:


@Florent1 yes, you can use that plugin, you can also use fix provided by the customer :slight_smile: