Mobile menu issue with anchor links

Hello again, thanks for all your help.

I have a problem with the mobile menu, I have anchor links on it and on the same page it works well, but if you go from one page to and anchor link on another page the URL changes, for example, http://localhost:8080/sicem-v1/#contact-form-container and the thing is that if you load the page like that the “hamburger” can’t be clicked.

This happens every time I (re)load a page with a URL with a “#” on it.

My web site it’s still not ready to be on production, so again I’m sorry I can’t provide you with a better way to troubleshoot it, but it should not be hard to replicate, if it is a bug. If it’s not, do you have a clue of what may be happening?


Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

There isn’t a bug.
I applied a screenshot of how your menu containing widgets should be created

  • Add Home Page section
  • Remove spaces from between words if any with the # at the being: eg: #thislink
  • Add Lable.

When you’ve done it this way, even if you go to another page, the link will still work.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I had tried what you mentioned with no luck. On the “home page section” I can only see the options that you mentioned before, not the particular ID that I want, I’m using the “full width” template on my home page, even If I change it to “Home page” I can only see the Demo content.

Try to click the “hamburger” in this demo link (on mobile view) to see want I mean:
You can’t! (I know you don’t have a section with that ID but I do)

What else can I try?