Mobile Menu not showing properly

Hi Shapely Team,

My website is When resizing into mobile mode, the menu is cramped together and can’t be clicked on and irresponsive. I’ve tried many way to modify this with no success. Screenshot is attached so you know what I mean.

Could you please show me how to modify this mobile menu and make it functional like the Shapely Demo site?

Looking forward to your reply.


Also the logo in mobile site is unclickable. It is supposed to be clickable and leads users back to the homepage at any given time.

Could you please show me how to make the main logo in mobile size linked back to the homepage when clicked?



even to me it does not work (only in the Home) nor the drop-down menu (do not click) nor the logo (not seen) …

Hi guys,

First things first, make sure the theme is up-to-date and also try clearing the cache, if that continues, then disable all the plugins, and clear the cache and see that works, if that works, then enable the plugin one by one to find the issued plugin.

If nothing works, Please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private!

Let us know,


I have disabled the plugins but on the mobile it doesnt work well (the part of the header only in the home …)

Nome utente: support

Email: [email protected]


Hi there

Getting this:
ERRORE: La password inserita per il nome utente support non è corretta. Password dimenticata?

Please fix access credentials

Help me please

Hey, @marcoita

Have you seen my previous reply? i cant investigate your problem because admin name and password is not correct, please fix them and i will continue working on your problem

Nome utente: support

Email: [email protected]
pw: $IEw3SMpXt#VOd!PY!cw28K!

Hey there

Dear @marcoita i just started investigating your case and when i checked your homepage once again I can clearly see everything is in order, the menu is clickable for mobile devices, the logo is appearing on its position … in other words, i cant see problems anymore, can you check it once again?


The account you shared is not administrator, and also can you try disable plugins and see that fixes the issue? Also, try disable the Photon module in JetPack.

Let us know,