Mobile Menu Spacing - one more thing

Hello again!

For some reason, the board won’t allow me to post.
Getting the error: *** Forbidden. Contains contacts. Message seems to be spam. ***

I have copied it to a txt file accessible here:

I would have loved to format my help request in a proper manner but, oh well. Thanks if you take the time to go thru the .txt

hey there

Thank you for the question, but wait a minute, you cant post problem here because of spam message? then how this message went come here? :slight_smile:

please post your question here, without any HTML or CSS codes, just a short message, and link to the page

Something in the quoted code must trigger the forums’ spam preventing mechanism.
I’m asking for
If you want to see the code - read the txt linked in the original message. Otherwise, here’s my original post (minus the code):

I recently received help and am really grateful but still have a question to make everything perfect. Your help is SO appreciated and avoiding me a lot of headaches. To get in context and have most of the code:

Altho the menu spacing looks better, the spacing between the ‘‘category’’ and the li’s still feel off.
Any advice on how to add an extra line between the ul and the li?

Also, I am having a bit of trouble with the mobile version of my testimony section.

It displays perfectly on desktop but the mobile version’s background is oversized (see attached screenshot).

Good morning

Ok, now it’s clear :slight_smile: please avoid to post any of your HTML or CSS code in the question, not necessarily in the question because we can check what code is applied on the site, how or from where :wink:

Now about testimonials, what happened to this element? its hanging on the website and while im scrolling its hovered on top of the page sections, is this how you redesigned it? pretty weird and there are many backgrounds right now under testimonial because of its top of all elements

Sorry that you tried to view it while bugged.
I tried some stuff yesterday and just realized it had bugged the section. The issue you saw is fixed now so you can clear your cache and go see for yourself what this post was initially about. Thanks!

Website was released yesterday so you can access it from
Testimonials still has the same oversized background issue though

Good morning

Ok, i see now content is displaying normally and i can’t see any problems here,
menu can be fixed by this code:

#colorlib-offcanvas ul li > ul {
margin: 18px 0px;

testimonials section - this section is visible normally right now for me, the image under it is covering the entire area on the mobile and code used for this is correct, can you please check it again?

Thank you, worked perfectly for the menu.

As for the testimonials - I checked with a different browser on my cellphone and it’s the same. Oversized so all you see is blurred pixels. Also checked with a friend’s. It shows fine when you resize the window on desktop, but not on mobile.


Ok, please add this css code in appearance > customize > additional css:

#colorlib-testimony {
background-size: cover;

Not sure what you’re talking about when you say appearance > customize > additional css, my site is hard-coded. Nevertheless, I did add the code to #colorlib-testimony at your request but it didn’t change anything.
That value was also already stated in the DIV’s class (which is testimony-img):

.testimony-img {
background-size: cover;
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: center center;
position: relative; }

Good morning

Sorry, mot of our questions comes from WordPress category :slight_smile:

Ok, please try this css:

@media screen and (max-width: 968px){
#colorlib-testimony {
background-image: url( !important;
background-size: auto;

Yay! Worked like a charm.
Thank you so much for the support.

:slight_smile: you are welcome

I will close this case, let me know if you need anything else in a new ticket