Mobile Phone Presentation when Going to Stealth Mode

Hi. I have a URL/directory that houses my Shapely WP files, where the URL is pointed to a subdirectory of my main domain library/account. My Shapely WP site looks fantastic when the domain pointer is set to “standard” mode which shows the full URL address, yet when I go to “stealth” mode (preferred to hide the underlying messy URL address), my Shapely site shows with tiny fonts on mobile devices. I have tested this many times, going back and forth between standard and stealth, and each time the stealth mode goes back to a tiny view, which is corrected only by going back to standard. My hosting company has confirmed there’s no issue at their end and that I should contact the designer/editor. I’d appreciate any help here as it’s critical for my business this week. Thanks!

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IM not sure why they pointed to us but let me check it, please provide urls for both cases and i will check
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I’ve switched it to Stealth mode for this demo. The Stealth URL is while the root address it points to is

On mobile phones via the stealth access, the entire site appears in tiny font, versus when the full root address is typed where the mobile view is fine. Yet in both cases it’s the same page. No difference for either on PCs.



Both websites are working fine for me, for desktop and on mobile devices, i cant see any differences, can you please provide a screenshot of the problem? and steps to replicate it?

Two screenshots attached … normal vs. tiny. Phone is Motorola Turbo 2 w/Android O/S.

Dear Don

I don’t understand you are comparing 2 different domains to each other? to be honest even now i cant understand your question :slight_smile: please bear with me, :frowning:

The domains are identical … one accesses it via stealth mode (displaying only and the other via standard mode with the full detailed address. The two screenshots were taken after adjusting the attached domain pointer type from standard to stealth.

How are these domains identical? :slight_smile:

Don, you should understand how WordPress websites work, necessary data is stored in the database with the current website address, if you choose domain and accessing it with a different name it will not work,
any reason to have 2 domains for one website???
i think your question is not related to the WordPress theme

They’re still the exact same landing site page … with the root page name either hidden (stealth) or shown (standard). This hasn’t affected any of my other Wordpress sites and seems unique in this instance. I’ll convert back to standard mode and consider another alternative. Thanks for your help.

You are welcome

let me know if anything is required from us