modify bottom of post - add image with active url above author bio.

Hi Aigars,

First, thanks for the great work - Sparkling is indeed that.

Here’s my question. I’d like to add more information to the bottom of the posts. Currently, the bottom contains an icon and my name. I found a way to add some text through the user profile.

But, I’d like to insert an image with a hyperlink at the bottom of each post.

Is that possible?


rob whyte

To add any content under all of your posts you should edit file called content-single.php that you can find inside Sparkling theme folder.

On that file you can choose between many places where you want your image to appear. Above or below tag cloud, or above or below author bio or elsewhere. Just play around to see how it looks but just make sure to backup your website in case you break something.

A basic image code with link that you can use looks like this:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Let me know if you need any further assistance