Modify the color of the background and / or the labels of the menu

Is it possible on the menu of the Pixova Lite theme to modify the color of the background and / or the labels of the menu to make it easier for users to read it (additional CSS?)
In fact, the top of the menu display that I would like more visible and not in transparent mode on the welcome image in other words in black on white background quite simply.
To make the home menu appear fixed I had to indicate in the additional CSS and it works well, I quote:
.main-navigation {
opacity: 1! important;
visibility: visible! important;

nav-expander {

display: none;
Could you complete the attributes to indicate so that this menu appears simply on a white background (and not transparent) and with the text in black which is the case for the moment ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there

Please provide a link to your website, let me check it


Try this css code, it will fix your header problem without the bg color alternation:

.header {
padding: 0px;


Ok, got it, in this case you may add this css code:

header#header-wrap {
background: #fff;
width: 100%;
height: 60px;

I’m really sorry but the CSS code indicated that I published as is in Personalization / Additional CSS had no effect on the black and white highlighting of the home menu. Is this code good to add here? Thank you in advance.

Sorry but I did not receive the additional CSS which would allow to have a menu with a fixed black background and the menu labels in white and another color when you pass over them. Do you have another CSS code to suggest to me in this direction please?

Hi there

Try this code, this shoulw work,

.header {
padding: 0px !important;

I’m curious why you have such a weird issue, I see this first time

Hello, sorry to have delayed answering you a little … I have just integrated your new CSS code but the result has no effect on the appearance of the menu at the top of the page. Indeed the labels are in black and when we pass over them, they become orange as from the beginning. My concern is to make this menu appear on a fixed background, black for example and the labels in white or orange when we pass over them …
If this possibility is not possible on the Pixova Lite theme, thank you for confirming it to me and thank you in any case for your help.

Hi there

The code is not properly added, let me see the screenshot of the code on the place

As you can see from my screenshot of the home screen, not only does the menu at the top not appear in white on a fixed black background, but you can also see that the content of my home page is in English. while my menu is in French. Impossible for me for more than two months to have the home page in French if French language choice because it is always the content of the CTA that appears on the home page whatever the language requested (in my case French or English) . I have already asked the question to ColorLib for 1 month with no answer from them, if you can also see this point, thanks in advance …

Hi there

You are missing the closing bracket at the end of the first rule, check this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Really sorry but the result is unchanged and as you can see on the home screen, the menu does not appear in black background on white characters. In addition, I still cannot get a French home page while the menu is in French (bilingual site with Polylang). In the hope that you can find the way to deliverance for me … Regards.


IM afraid such styling is not possible to do from the style you have right now, sorry but it will require much more CSS investigation than I thought from the beginning

Well taken note, it is indeed a shame but understandable since it is a free theme. Can you please answer my other question for which Norolib never answered me on the problem of my home page on my bilingual site (with Polylang extension). I can not differentiate my home page in French from the one in English cat I have to go through the CTA which displays the text entered whatever the language chosen … If you could tell me how to do it that would be great . Cordially.

Hi Claude

this will require investigation from the backend, please send me your admin details privately here and I will check it