Modifying CSS to Edit Specific Page Image


Is there anyway I can modify the css to have it set one image for a particular page?

I noticed that there was a way to modify the css for “background-position” but not for “background-image”.\

I know I read that it is not supported in the theme, but I am curious if it is supported through CSS?

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If you could provide me with a link to the page that you’d like this background image on along with a link to the image (I’d suggest you upload it to your WordPress Media and add the link here), I’ll be more than happy to provide you with the CSS that’ll effect that change for you.

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Hello, I would also like to have a specific image for each page, can you help me? Here are the page links, thanks

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Thats possible, here is the css code that can help in this case:

.page-id-3 header#header {
background-image: url( !important;

You just need to change ID of the page in this code for other pages and link to the image.
Here is how can you find the ID of the page: