Move search bar down to nav menu

How can I move the search bar down to the right side of the nav menu. I can’t provide a pic because I am still working on it.

PS Are you still updating this theme?

Hi there

Sorry, but this is not possible without modification of the theme files, I cant help only with custom CSS. Template files modification is necessary in this case

Yes, we do

So you can offer support with CSS but not any actual code support with PHP or HTML?

Can I add any links to the top header where the search bar is like login or logout?

Hi there

When its easy CSS modification, then I can help, but when a problem requires advanced modification, then, unfortunately, we cant cover it under free support scopes.

yes, sure, you can add links as well, which also requires customization


Got a question about the theme again that should be taken care of with some CSS. I want to move the button for the mobile template that when pushed triggers the menu. I would like to move it either left or right.

Let’s try, please provide URL of the website and screenshot of the changes you want to make


I can handle the css its just the php or html.

I was told by a birdy that this theme was no longer being updated and I also found a file from a macho themes which I find suspicious.

Do you think you could also mention to the dev to maybe add a menu area at the very top of the page in an update?

Sorry, but we can’t make such changes on requests, we can collect requests and if it takes enough voices then it can be implemented


Ok, but is the theme still being updated?


Yes, we will update it but it will take some time, sorry about that

Great!, I just want to make sure I was not being lied to.

Thanks for understanding and have a good day :slight_smile:

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but I am getting a popper is not defined error from bootstrap.min.js file.

PS How can i use the area on the footer where the meta, recent posts, and categories are as widget areas.

I used to have the menu bar menus in the navigation tab before the update but now I’m not able to move them to any other tab. It might also be that I had the navigation bar items in the menu bar. Does anyone know, through CSS or otherwise, to either move the menu bar menu to the navigation bar, or move the navigation bar menu (web address bar, back/forward buttons, etc) to the menu bar

@appleje197 link to your website and screenshot of the problem, please

@infernoprime Yes, that problem was reported before, but yet its not fixed, sorry

I would like to ask if off-hand you would know how to move the menu that turns into a button for the mobile part left or right. I have included a link to show what I am referring to.



@infernoprime please provide link to your website, its doable and I can help with that

How can I do that privately?

Click on my name and you will see a option for messaging


Any luck trying it out?

Also, I found a way to make my posts clickable but for some reason the code does not work. It should though so I would like to ask if you could also mention this to the dev.

Heres where I found it : Link