Moving illdy theme from development to production

I set up my illdy wordpress theme on my local environment and to move it to my other server I copied the database and files accross however this seems to make all my customisations disappear even though the ‘theme_mods_illdy’ is in the options table in the database. Is there some way of moving/importing settings accross servers?


Hi @aedanman,

If you created a child theme it should work. See in attach how to create a child theme.

Make a child theme and then try it again to move.

Here is some useful info for moving the website:



Hi Cristian, same problem here. Could you please provide us with more information?

  1. Am I supposed to create a child theme on the old server first and move all the stuff to the new server? Or am I supposed to create a child theme on the new server?

  2. I tried to create child theme on the new server according to the attached Word document. In the Wordpress admin I cannot activate the child theme as it says something like “parent theme not found” and offers me the “Install Parent Theme” button instead.

If I understand it well, the general problem is that even though all the customisations remain stored in the MySQL database, they are not loaded on the new server. Instead, the default values are used. Why does this happen? Is there any easy workaround, without having to make all the customisations manually once again? If you could provide us with a step-by-step manual that would be great. That previous advice didn’t help me much. :frowning:

Hi @pauliezmm,

  1. Make sure that you have installed the parent theme on your new server
  2. Make sure that you have a child theme with all the custom work on the local server
  3. Follow the step by step moving info from here:

If you don’t have a child theme on local server, of course it will not copy all your custom work that you made.



Dear Cristian, thank you for your answer. Actually, I moved the Wordpress site to the new server exactly according to the link provided by you in the point 3). However, I didn’t have a child theme on the local server. Does that mean I have to do all the work from scratch again? Even though all the customisations are stored in the database (on both the local and the new server)?

This is the reason why we always recommend using a child theme. Create a child theme on the web server, afterwards, copy all the css code that you use to customize the style and paste it in a child theme in the web server.

OK good to know for the next time! Thank you anyway.