Moving Jetpack sharing icons

I’ll follow up the discussion from here:

Front page
I added the last code you provided to my site, and it removed some of the margins of the sharing buttons. However, it doesn’t end completely aligned to “Read more” button. I would like to. Can I do it by just adding margin-top and setting some pixels until I’m fine? Or is it a better way?

Inside post page
On the other hand, here the code doesn’t apply (as you clarified in the other thread). A good placement for the buttons in this page would be aligned with the author “signature”. As you can see here (,
they are right after the content. I would like to move it the next box, where the author is. And then align it to the right, so its stays aligned with it.
This is a bit more difficult to do, I know. I have been reading this
where it’s explained how to move them, but I’m not sure where do I need to use the codes to fit in the theme.

Thanks a lot.

I see that what I asked for it’s too difficult so I looked for an easier solution. Let’s see if you can help me with this one.

Inside post page
I would like to set a bit of margin between the content and the icons (and reduce the margin till the bottom line if possible), because right now they’re too close. After that, just center them.

Front page
They should stay to the left here. I just want to add a top margin again, to align them with the Ream more button.
After that, there’s an issue with the mobile version, where they cover the Read more button. Is there a way to reduce them a bit in size?

Thanks a lot.

The site is this one:

Bump. :frowning:

Ok. Seeing this is a difficult topic, I’m going to simplify it even more.

I managed to place it fine in the home page. I’m using this code:

.sharedaddy {
float: left;
margin-top: 14px;

What I need now it’s just to apply that on the home page only, so I can edit the position in the post page in a different way. I just need the classes to make the difference from both pages, and I’ll work on fitting them.