Multiple critical issues on the front page

I’m experiencing the following issues which I think are bugs.

  1. I have 2 buttons in the jumbotron (just as in the default setting) but one of them (learn more) does not appear when I check the site as a logged out user. Note: I have not imported any dummy data. See this in the following screenshot:
  2. I can’t completely switch off the footer. See this screenshot:
  3. The contact area with the form appears two times.

Have someone experienced the same thing? Can someone suggest a fix?

Hello @dan300,

First, have a look here on #3 on how to fix the button:
All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

Try this CSS to completely hide the footer:
#footer { display: none; }

The contact map issue is related to the section order and display option in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > General Options > Sections Order

Please confirm that you got everything alright.

Kind regards

This is awesome, thanks a bunch Ion for the timely and accurate response, much appreciated!

That’s great, I’m happy that I could help. Regards