Multiple 'home pages'?

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I’m building a new site and wondered what I need to do to have more than one page with a customisable design like the home page? Every new page I create seems to be a blog-style page with no customisation available. Is there a way to have multiple pages which look and act like the home page? Sorry if I’m being a dunce, any help would be appreciated.

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You would not be able to have the design of the homepage on other pages but you can use the following plugin to customize the page designs:

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Hi @coslamp,

If you want to have home page like layout for other page also, then you need to follow a few steps, it is already included in the theme, no need to create a seprate template for it. ( If you create, then some of the shapely widgets won’t match the styles. )

  1. Create a new page with the Builder Page template. Screenshot how:
  2. After you save the page, it will add a sidebar for it. You can go to the Customizer straight from that page and the Sidebar section will be automatically opened. Additionally, you can find the sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets with title : “Page: Page Title”.

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